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Have a very #KiplingHoliday!

Just one more week for Christmas and between the stress of buying the holiday gifts for friends and family, cooking and eating, and attending Christmas events, we sometimes don't enjoy the holidays to the fullest am I right?

This Christmas I have been really laid back.
Too laid back.
With a 15 month old you kind of need to be or you wont enjoy the holidays at all.
This Christmas I decided to do more of the online shopping and avoid the hassle of the crowded malls and my toddler crying because he does not stand being in the stroller.

Kipling USA has an amazing Kipling Holiday Catalog this season and I am so glad and honored they have chosen  me to inform all of my readers of their fabulous discount of $30 off of your $150 purchase of their holiday catalog.
Just use the code HOLIDAYS30 at checkout!
You can find gifts for everyone.

Also, they are having an event December 19th and 20th in Orlando the Kipling Holiday Tour, where attendees will be welcomed to a spectrum of highlights including a #KiplingHoliday show wall, on site monogramming, gift wrapping, photo booths, holiday diy inspirations, personalized sweets and giveaways!!
Make sure you RSVP to the event HERE

I couldn't resist getting the Multiple on the go bag.
Ever since I had my baby, I just haven't been able to use any bag whatsoever and just went out with my wallet and used the Diaper bag as the only bag.
My wallet and cellphone can be at reach without having to get them inside my messy diaper bag!

I have had to abandon my bags but now with this Kipling bag I can use it as a cross body as well as a belt bag which is perfect for me.

With its three compartments, it is perfect for just the basic important stuff you need.
Wallet, cellphone and hey.. a few products like lipstick!
I just love the color as well
And the cute monkey? Lets just say I am a real fan!

Enjoy this holiday season and keep on shopping!
Take advantage of your discount at Kipling USA!

This has been a sponsored post by Kipling USA however my love for this brand is all my own!


Marcelo said...

Looking beautiful.

Unknown said...

I love kipling usa

Unknown said...

Nunca he comprado de ellos. La cartera me gustó. Es muy práctica.

María laura Varela Rodriguez said...

Muy interesante la oferta, me gusta la cartera y necesito una! Gracias por tu recomendación Farah.

Bohemian Babushka said...

Esta Monisimo! And the bag's pretty cute too. ; ) BB's done w/the Christmas shopping, but Reyes is coming...

Gilda Campos said...

Pero que practicidad de bolsita, parece cangurera y lo mejor que se ve muy linda.

Cristina-Colombiana en CA said...

Me encanta! La llevaría a todas partes ;)

Unknown said...

Me encanta el bolsito !

Adrianas Best Recipes said...

ay pero que cute me encanta el color hot pink =)

Mamacita La Cuponera said...

Would make a great travel companion. Beautiful color!

Unknown said...

Me encanta el color! Te vez preciosa con ella!

Unknown said...

I love Kipling! Here in Venezuela are very popular.

Taty said...

This is exactly what I need for my busy life!

Silvia said...

Cuando voy a ir a un lugar muy concurrido me gusta usar un tipo de cartera como esta. Me encantó el color.

Teresa Garza said...

La cartera me parece muy práctica.. Gracias por compartir la info.

Teresa Garza said...

La cartera me parece muy práctica.. Gracias por compartir la info.

Veronica Cervera said...

Cuando voy a las tiendas de Kipling USA salgo siempre con más de una cartera. Me encantan. Casi todos los días ando con una y como duran. Requetecomendadas. Me voy de compras, jajaja.
Un gusto también conocerte el jueves.
Muchas felicidades en estas fiestas.

S. Yissele said...

Qué lindo! Me encanto, muchas gracias por la recomendación!