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Delicious Puertorican Food in Miami

Puertorican Food!
It"s full of flavor, unique and very comforting to those who don't live in Puerto Rico.
One thing I have never mastered to do well, is cook this type of food.
I have noticed that that ones who do, usually had a grandmother or mother that were experts and passed their recipes to them.
My mom is from Guatemala so this was not my case.

This past holiday season, I was invited to Casa Mofongo Latin Grill and I got the chance to try some real puertorican comfort food with a gourmet twist.
This small yet cozy restaurant in the heart of Miracle mile is the place to go if you are craving some delicious moist mofongo and some real classy alcapurrias among other typical treats.

They welcomed us with a freshly made Sangria in any of the flavors that we wanted: Mango, Passionfruit, Kiwi and Tamarind.
I personally tried the tamarind and the passionfruit and they were really tasty and refreshing.
They weren't too strong as other sangrias though. The garnishes were fresh and added a touch of chic!

The first course was the Alcapurria Duet.
The light colored one is made with yucca (casabe) and the dark one is made from plantain.
Alcapurrias are one of the most classic beach food in Puerto Rico. you can find these along the entire coast of the Piñones Area and no one goes to Puerto Rico without trying one of these.
Casa Mofongo Latin Grill topped them with a brandy aioli, chopped green onion and a few drops of a spicy red sauce.

The other appetizer that they gave us were these fried queso fresco sticks topped with a deliciously sweet guava sauce. the perfect appetizer to nibble while having cocktails without spoiling your appetite!

One of our entrees was the famous Mofongo.
Mofongos can be filled or topped with Chicken, shrimp, or steak, sometimes even fish.
This one was topped with carne frita (pork).
Mofongo is a very distinctive dish of Puerto Rico.
Not everyone can master it.
It takes a long process to make and is very easy to ruin.
Mofongos can be very dry. Casa Mofongo Latin Grill serves it with a side of caldo. 
This one was absolutely delicious with some crunchy bacon chunks. 
Not too garlicky like it usually is.

Next was the Coconut shrimp on a bed of Arroz con gandules.
The sweetness of the shrimp and the savory arroz was a complete delight!

For dessert they served a chocolate souffle with vanilla ice cream.
This was good, but I found the chocolate souffle overcooked.
I would've loved a warm center so I could pour the icecream on top and experience the hot and cold sensation in my mouth.

Lastly, they served a cheese flan with coconut shavings and a crystalized caramel as a garnish.
After this, I definitely needed a bed!!

I encourage you to visit Casa Mofongo Latin Grill on 
130 Miracle Mile Coral Gables Florida 33134

You will feel welcomed by their owners and you will receive a very friendly service, just like in Puerto Rico!

PS: Casa Mofongo Latin Grill invited me to try these dishes but I did not received paid compensation and all of the opinions above are comepletely mine.


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Bohemian Babushka said...

Que rico la comida, y que bien lo pasamos!! It truly was a great experience all the way around, and thanks again for the ride home muchachita!!