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Nails Just wanna have FUN!

My nails have gone for a ride!
I mean it they are determined to have fun this year...cause I must admit I have neglected them enough.
But hey do NOT judge me, my nails behave sooo bad that they don't even deserve a post...they chip all the time, and manicures do not last me more than 2 days.
This year I am trying to embrace coloring my nails every 2 days instead of frowning upon with a big pout.
With all the cute colors that have come out recently from baby blue to bright yellow, I have decided to not hold a "grudge" and let them party. After all, they do deserve it once in a while right?
Who doesn't??

1 comment:

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

So adorable... Love every colour here. x