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FNO Fail!!

Ugh!! I just cannot begin to explain how angry I am..still!! Fashion Night Out here in Miami Design District sucked BIG TIME!
This would be my first FNO so I was really excited to go to an event where I could celebrate fashion while sipping a cocktail and listen to some live band on the street..ppppffffff yeah!
I arrived to the Design District early and decided to have a cocktail in one of the cute little bars in the area...and as soon as I heard that the band started to play, I was almost gulping that whiskey and out the door!
I walked a block and bum! RAIN...and I mean POURING RAIN! Non stop! Christian Louboutin's store was the only one that had a "shade" (how inconvenient) so I had to stay there until it stopped, but it never did continued.
There was no one there...the streets where empty...and all the stores I actually went inside, none let me take pictures..(LAME!) I do not understand this since blogging is like a free advertisement for any store in my opinion.. this just added to my frustration.
Here, a few lame shots of my so called Fashion Night Out...I should've gone to Neiman Marcus. I am sure everyone there had a blast! grrgrgrrrrr...

Can anyone give me a hug right now???
okay...I'll get over it...grgrgrgrrr


Fashionthroughtravel said...

Love the window displays from the Louboutin store! Too bad for the rain though...

Michelle Wan said...

hi there thanks for the lovely comments, just wondering where did u followed me? hope to see around

Unknown said...

you still look gorgeous in the pic no matter how much rain, love the shoes wishing to have a pair of them in my wardrobe one day!

Aquí said...

sorry you didn't have fun! Boo on that! I'm sending over a virtual hug to you! You got some pretty good photos though :)

Genya Polianskaia said...

hey hun! Thank you so much for your sweet comment :)) I am deff following back!

I LOVE those first shoes!!! Anything leopard print :) xx

Unknown said...

So sorry your FNO was washed out! Thanks for sharing your story anyway! :)

The pony hair Louboutins are so hot but imagine wearing those and being caught in the rain.

Unknown said...

Damn sorry about your FNO. The no pictures how lame for real.

I posted about my FNO maybe next year sending you hugs.