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Caribbean Queen

If I could wear something, the same clothes, outfit or whatever we may call it, every single day, without changing it for the rest of my life it would be...drumroll....a bikini!!!
Yes, for me there is NOThING that makes me feel so happy and comfortable, almost as being naked..(and only God knows how much I enjoy nakedness and just walking naked all around the house..)Did I really just used the word naked 3 times in a sentence?? uuups here I go again!
But seriously...bikini. There is something about being wet, under the sun that drives me a good way. I swear, something in me converts from a 32 year old to a 7 year old...I become ridiculously silly, wanting to roll down the sand, and splashing water when I intend to swim more that the ability that God gave me to do so...yeah...I become stupid. We should go to the beach together sometime...
Enough ramblings...these I took on my cruise trip. Some essentials I couldnt live without, some outfits I wore and yes...lots of images of me playing mermaid..ahhh!


Anonymous said...

Q rico!! y como tu dices lo mejor es q puedes estar en bikini todo el tiempo!!! Nice photos!!!

Anonymous said...

Mio el comment anterior!!

Katie said...

so much fun! i love wearing suits

--instead of an elephant

Plami said...

Gorgeous pictures! I love that statement pearl necklace!


Unknown said...

an island girl for sure... great shots xoxo