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The NEED for an alter ego

Okay, so  I bet many of you know who am I referring to, but for those who don't, well...yes, I am referring to Lady Gaga's male alter ego "Jo Calderone".
Ugh, where should I start??
I have to admit that I didn't watch the MTV Video Music Awards this year...I was too busy working, or maybe taking a shower or who knows, maybe even staring at my own wall bored to death. Still, I missed them. Nowadays, with YouTube around, it seems impossible to miss a thing. Then by accident, I saw it. The Press room Interview with "Jo Calderone".
The first 60 seconds into watching that interview were torture...I was sooo embarrassed. Have you ever felt so embarrassed for someone else, that you feel you wanna hide yourself, even though you are NOT the one making the fool of yourself?? well, that's exactly how I felt!! She looked so uncomfortable trying to "play" this part, this "alter ego" it was nerve wrenching.
When I first saw her video " You and I" I kinda liked the idea of her being dressed like a man and having a little sexual encounter with herself (this sort of thing always seems to shock people and Gaga is all about "wanting" just that so..) but I thought it would end there. I am always up for nice different videos, with drastic makeup and fashion, different styles etc...I am a firm believer that a music video should be something that captures our attention and makes you want to enjoy every second of it. At the same time, I think videos should represent what the song is least. It should be complementing...not a whole different scenario of what the lyrics are saying..(and this video is a perfect example of this...romantic almost kinda country style rock with such dark and ridiculous outfits) it doesn't seem to blend.
Okay Okay..I have to admit, I am NOT a Lady Gaga fan...but I used to...I really loved her. I can be objective, she has an amazing voice, I think she is beautiful (she was prettier when she had some meat in her bones and an amazing ass but still she really has a beautiful face) and she really does "strive" to be innovative in a business were sadly, there is not much left to be seen.Yet, I think she has been focusing to much in being " a so called Monster" that I think her music has been falling into a "this beat reminds me sort of like this 80's song..what was it??" sort of thing...and it bothers me...a lot!
Some artists are just Video Gods...Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, even Britney, they all know how to reinvent themselves for a great and entertaining music video.
I am a fan of music videos, I was born an raised in an era where MTV didn't play reality shows only music videos, (don't you dare start wondering how old I am!) and I passed my days off from school watching all my favorite songs being interpreted in front of me....uuuu that was nice!
So yeah, you can call me a music video critic..jejeje and FYI I am pretty tough!
But back to Jo...Calderone that is.
I just don't understand her need to actually play a different person. I really thought she was just dressing up like a man for entertainment, kind of doing something a little different (lets say a "little" cause we all know it HAS been done before and in my opinion..better!)
at the end of the interview she "managed" to get some interviewers laughing... don't know how but she did...I think that a good two minutes into the "acting" she actually started to feel confident and people started "buying" it.Or maybe, they wanted to be "good sports" and play along...just for the hell of it.

Oh Gaga! How I LOVED your video Bad Romance!....dang!! that was a remarkable video!!! and not to mention the powerful, so REAL! and the fashion...and the weirdness of it all, and her makeup..and oh well, EVERYTHING!
Does anybody feel this way?? I mean, even if you are a Gaga fan... don't you think its a little, um how can I say, ridiculous, to create this male alter ego?? I mean, I just hope is something she just did for one time, and one time only!
Maybe its just me...
Feel free to comment (and crucify me if you need to) Maybe then I would feel obliged to create a tough, violent, very muscular but extremely handsome alter ego myself...


Anonymous said...

Jajajajajaj you have made me laugh but you are absolutely right! I mean...her name is LADY GAGA (the name says it all) for crying out loud! Why the need of a male alter ego? And i must admit i love alter egos LOL i think they are somewhat healthy in a very distinct way, i most certainly have one but to me, she is an altered ego. I sadly have to say, that's she has become way too fake for my taste. I did too love bad romance, not just the lyrics, and the video; but that beat is a great one, it drives me wild. It takes me back to a certain time, making all sound familiar yet new and futuristic, its kinda hard to describe. I do like other songs and videos of her, she has some pretty weird ones but... that's not the issue. The issue is that she has disenchanted many people, and im one of them. She can do soo much better!

Unknown said...

I like Nymph and Mermaid. I think it is a good marketing tool for pop stars to stay current.

Down This Road said...

she def makes an ugly man ;) dunno about her...she has an incredible voice, but just dont get her! xx

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

So interesting! She's a wild thing

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

hehe and btw I think Adam will do some new posts soon! He's been busy workinggg

Unknown said...

She has an incredible voice.
She HAD an amazing sense of style.
Looks like she's getting carried away.
In the end, you dress up so that you get the attention, not so that the dress gets attention.

Unknown said...

jajajaja eres loca and I love it!

I agree totally about the awkwardness that came through with her trying to play off as someone else at the awards. I think it was something that sounded like a great idea in theory but in execution was not so great.

Bohemian Babushka said...

No se, but I'm all into alter egos...

; )