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Dry but never Dead

Every time I have received or bought myself roses, I always paste them to a wall
for them to dry and maintain their color.
This time I had just the perfect place to keep them.
Since I have a few of these Liquor Bottles
I plan to use them...

Are we like roses?
Should we take ourselves out of a certain situation, a certain job, a certain relationship before is too late? before it kills us completely and
 rips away our youth and color?

Do people see our essence beyond our age?
beyond our visual aspect?
I believe we should live in a way, that people around us see
our souls through our eyes and appreciate the singular scent each of us brings to Earth


Bohemian Babushka said...

Great pics, great sentiment.
Pero pa' esta rosa vieja, they're not gonna work so hard to preserve her... 2 many espinas. ; )


Unknown said...

I love the idea of hanging them in the liquor bottles. You're so clever.

Despina T. said...

great made me think about what you said for roses and ppl.great pics.

Sofia Keck said...

Roses in the bottles look great but unfortunately I think the lack of air will make them develop fungus. Let me know how is goes it's a neat crafty idea :)

Gitanas said...

the roses need to be dry, and the bottle should be completely clean. I had them inside the bottles for months now, no fungus so far!

Ava Tettamanti said...

I LOVE this idea!